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     After attending a former twice-exceptional student's high school graduation and listening to him give the valedictorian speech, I reflected on his very bumpy journey through school. Like many of the gifted children I worked with, this student began school with such excitement and joy to learn. But by late elementary school, he felt school was just a place to go each day and not much more.

     This former student was diagnosed as twice-exceptional and struggled to get his academic, social and emotional needs met. But, with the support of some dedicated teachers, advocates, and his family, this student made it through to graduate from high school with high honors, received his undergraduate degree from an elite university, and earned his law degree from an Ivy league school.

     As I began to write about this student, I thought about all the other 2e boys I had worked with over the years. They were all very different, but they shared a common thread. These boys were all enthusiastic about beginning school and had dreams it was going to be a place of great learning and acceptance. But in too many cases, this did not happen.

      It is my desire that Twice Exceptional Boys: A Roadmap to Getting It Right will help teachers and parents understand these children better so they can support them through their educational journeys. With the proper "roadmap" or plan in place, I have seen 2e students reach great success.



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