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As a gifted/twice-exceptional education consultant, I use my expertise to support parents and schools.

These are some of the services I provide my clients.


Discuss with the parent:

  • how to identify the student's school and home issues.

  • how to make sense of data to inform identifications.

  • how to identify and support both the student's strengths and areas of needs.

  • how to advocate for an appropriate educational plan that includes focus on both child's strengths and weaknesses.

  • appropriate schooling options for gifted/2e children.

Educate the parent:

  • regarding correct gifted/twice-exceptional identification, thus avoiding misdiagnosis. 

  • about the importance of social and emotional needs of gifted/2e children.

  • regarding appropriate screening/testing of students for gifted programs and services.

  • about how to build trust and partnerships with the child's school.

  • how to support gifted children with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, friendships, self-esteem, motivation, and underachievement.



Provide schools:

  •  professional development learning on topics such as gifted characteristics, identification of gifted/twice-exceptional students, social and emotional needs, gifted boys versus gifted girls, myths versus truths about gifted children.

  • understanding of other learning options for high potential students, such as cluster grouping, independent study projects, and mentorships.

  • understanding the benefits of subject and whole-grade acceleration.

  • understanding of how to write and implement a clear policy for acceleration.

  • support setting up a gifted or enrichment program.

Instruct teachers how to:

  •  differentiate and/or enrich the regular curriculum.

  •  assess differentiated assignments.

  •  design rubrics for assessments.

  •  integrate student portfolios.

  • use project-based learning in the regular classroom.

  • partner with the parents of gifted students.

  • use curriculm compacting, learning contracts, and tierred lessons as options for advanced students. 

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